Valentin Secret’

Valentine's Secret Slimming Mecanic turbo
His new slimming look, shape & performance

His journey with us, his therapeutic experience, to go beyond his own limits to break with his habits, to reach his target, revealed in Valentin an unknown potential
We wanted to tell you about his "success story".

Step I

Valentin thought that during his whole life, he was condemned to a disabling fatigue in the morning, condemned in particular to an excess of weight, to respiratory problems, to sleep disorders, to a permanent malaise, to a sedentary rhythm in the daily life.
The objective of this page is to deliver to you in time the highlights of Valentin's struggle, the turn our client took through his Slimming Mecanic experience, and his therapeutic experience for his personal development.
We have chosen to bring you Valentin's therapeutic journey and the benefits of the change he was seeking in time.

Valentin's Secret Slimming Mecanic - Step II

Valentin meets our coaches for a second time and finally reveals himself.
His doubts, which were still present at the beginning of the session, are answered with "why", "how", "can I", and "am I capable".
"I know that my weight is undermining my daily life and my lifestyle, I am 52 years old, even if I feel that I am still a little young, is it not too late to change radically, to find my healthy weight, to adopt a new lifestyle, to improve my health, to blossom in my personal and professional life.
Is it possible to regain my natural balance and get rid of my daily problems and inflammation without following a heavy protocol whose side effects I have already experienced?
Can 30 extra kilos disappear without coming back as quickly as resolved?
Can I take up sport again one day, or even set myself real sporting challenges in terms of shape and figure, and build up my muscle mass so that I feel good about my body and my skin?

From the third session, we think that Valentin has already made a "switch" to build his ideal life as soon as we explained the Slimmi,ng Macanic method to him in stages.
A new dietary discipline, a new daily rhythm of life, the joy of eating well, the joy of setting himself new challenges now seem to be within his reach.
Valentin has chosen to be accompanied in his effort to become an actor in his own life and well-being, leaving himself no choice but to succeed!
We experienced the therapeutic joy of seeing his decision to no longer suffer in his body, to no longer suffer from excess weight, persistent inflammation, constant fatigue and the feeling that he was "aging fast and badly".

We were the "impetus" and Valentin took action!
By agreeing to recognize the essence of your "setbacks", he gave up the headlong rush imposed on him by his modern life, its constraints, the pressures from all sides, his daily battles with the feeling that he is "an organism on fire", with the feeling that the bell has already rung a thousand times, without him finding the courage to stop and understand!


Valentine's Secret Slimming Mecanic - Step III

Valentin has said out loud everything we think, live and endure in silence!
This is a first therapeutic victory.
Valentin has chosen the Slimming Mecanic turbo pack for a gentle and profound change!

Valentin's Secret Slimming Mecanic - Step IV

Organic & natural living nutrition program

Valentine's Secret Slimming Mecanic - Step V

Crash test, stress and homeostasis
As soon as the first changes take place, we make sure that the dose is right, because the main thing is to reach the finish line.
We give the impulse, Valentin has decided and acted!
Valentin can only feel the joy of the sufficient effort to not miss the target, now that the first therapeutic step has been successfully taken!

Valentin's Secret Slimming Mecanic - Step VI

Our beauty program
Harmonie has created her own beauty workshop
Choosing a corner of your home dedicated to beauty care is a further step towards daily well-being
Because it is the daily gestures that bring a net improvement to each part of the body and that allow it to regenerate
At the beginning, and before following our 8-week program, Valentin was reluctant to give himself time every day for male cocooning!
However, he found the idea appealing and decided to follow the modules dedicated to the theme of daily care at home
The Slimming Mecanic home care workshop program includes modules dedicated to face and body care without a salon,
so that the mechanics of beauty no longer stop
Our Slimming Mecanic Beauty program

Exercises - Video & Weekly Schedule

  • Facial gymnastics
  • Face and neck massage
  • Anti-wrinkle facials
  • Belly massage
  • Palper rouler & fat targeting
  • Body and face scrub before showering
  • Mask and hair care
  • Hydration and skin care
  • Make-up workshop
  • Homemade recipes

Our homemade ingredients, the essentials
The 3 clays, Honey, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan oil, Castor oil, Prickly pear oil, Lime, Aloe Vera Gel, Red fruits, Bicarbonate, Coffee grounds, Green & black tea


We offer you a weekly home care schedule, the best natural, artisanal & handmade products, the best combinations to boost the virtues and effects of your treatments.
Daily rejuvenating, draining and detoxifying gestures, the daily anti-cellulite gestures, daily gestures for a flat stomach


Valentine's Secret Slimming Mecanic - Step VII

The Slimming Mecanic for a new lifestyle