Trigger the Slimming Mecanic

For the most beautiful version of you !

Our clients are men and women, aged 40 to 60, who are seeking to regain their balance and health. It is a global process that involves all the areas of life that define our daily living. In a simple and effective way, maintaining a healthy weight naturally becomes a real pleasure and a way of life. It is simply a matter of returning to the natural mechanisms of the body. It is also to re-awaken the body's capacity to regenerate. Finally, it is to naturally increase the body's basic functions in order to boost the drainage and elimination functions without any hindrance. Maintaining an ideal weight over time is a real step towards full fitness by taking pleasure in the effort, reconnecting with the joy of living, and making a clear distinction between the normal and the pathological. All the tools and methods that have been studied and proven to be effective are given to you in our step-by-step programs.

Our firm has implemented hundreds of programs to provide the natural healing process for a profile of clients who are concerned about their well-being, who want to redirect their efforts towards taking control of their therapeutic tools and who want to take control of their natural state of well- being. The only difficulties we observed were at the beginning. These difficulties in integrating a new lifestyle, a new way of thinking about getting out of a chaotic state, fade away as soon as the feeling of well-being emerges, then the solution becomes available to everyone.

The symptoms linked to weight gain are persistent inflammation, insomnia, burn-out, autoimmune diseases that hinder any regeneration mechanism, we understand at this stage that the urgent need to boost elimination.

We then work together towards a personalized therapeutic solution.
8 weeks of natural wellness treatment to unleash your "Slimming Mecanic".
You will benefit from a personalized protocol to regain your ideal weight, shape and beauty from the third session onwards, concocted for you personally and based on a detailed and precise diagnosis.
We provide you with support during and after the treatment for undeniable and lasting success.
8 weeks of triggering new mechanisms that turn into daily reflexes and the Slimming Mecanic, doesn't stop!

Nothing is left to chance, breathing exercises, wellness and fitness sessions, outdoor walking, Nutritherapy and daily menus, 100% natural and organic cosmetics and nutritional supplements, teas and herbal teas, a slimming follow-up and weight loss until the ideal weight is reached, all of this combined in the same cure changes everything.

At the end of the 8 weeks, most of the time, you are asking for a follow-up allowing you to settle permanently in the "Slimming Mecanic"!

With our cure, you decide to bring together all the ingredients that strengthen your body, and the process of regeneration and thus all the mechanisms of a healthy life that allows you to stay in great shape naturally.

Your slimming, fitness and well-being coach

In order to reinforce the therapeutic effect of our programs and to be as close as possible to your needs, we have put at your disposal the best coaches in personal development.

Since eating habits are at the heart of well-being or responsible for a chronic inflammatory state, daily care and menus are concocted for you in addition to a fitness program at home.

We take into account the weight load and uncontrolled weight gain in the generalized diagnosis because their impact on health is undeniable and their implication in the triggering of pathologies is no longer to be proven.

It is the first step towards the process of harmonization and readjustment of the body to better habits.

A Coach for the couple whose role and expertise is to support you in the construction of a new balance adaptable to any environment, can intervene if you feel the need.

Whether this environment is professional, family or social, the therapist's objective is to inscribe our client in a positive dynamic calling for a natural adaptation effort in total agreement with his lifestyle.

Thanks to this approach, you and your coach will begin the path to success. The therapeutic work to regain an ideal weight is a process that takes into account the physical and emotional state, in order to apprehend the daily difficulties as a challenge and no longer as an obstacle.
We begin by analyzing the root causes of the inflammatory state.
It is indeed since the first diagnosis that we report the behaviors responsible for weight gain.
Acid-base imbalance, emunctorial overloads (faith, lungs, kidneys, intestines, skin), hormonal disorders, chronic fatigue, insomnia, uncontrolled cravings, premature signs of aging are all symptoms linked to each other.

Your Coach then implements a therapeutic technique to awaken first and foremost the mechanisms of elimination.
Thus the therapist's work is to deconstruct, to follow the traces of the inflammation, to analyze "the cause of the cause" to propose a way out which offers you more than an alternative but a new lifestyle, a process, a movement.
Like Harmonie and Valentin, you will take the path to well-being, fitness and rejuvenation.