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Our mission is to concoct for you nutritional programs, as well as daily care and fitness plans, in which you will find key answers to your desire to get back into shape, lose weight, and definitely acquire the right reflexes to make well-being your way of life.
In addition, we have developed methods that help the body to regain its balance by stimulating detoxification and elimination, while respecting the physiological rhythms of each individual. In an approach of support and accompaniment, we provide you with natural and respectful methods of metabolism, step by step, in order to facilitate the break with past behaviors that have led to uncontrolled weight gain and a permanent inflammatory state.

Axelle Frini, the founder
Specialized in Nutrition, Nutritherapy, Balance & Slimness

Our clients consult us in the context of uncontrolled weight gain, compulsive eating behavior, food intolerances or allergies, and dietary imbalances leading to inflammation.
First, we organize telephone or video sessions to review all the factors that influence your eating behavior.
Together we discuss the impact of these factors on your general condition and your weight.
We then develop a personalized program to accompany you step by step towards harmonization, adaptation to your personal needs, and the rhythm that suits you best.
We will work with you on personalized menus, the best combinations, the best eating habits, in order to achieve a personalized response that bears your signature.
Our method is based on our observations and results with permanent adjustments that lead us today to an optimal result during a balanced diet and slimming treatment.
We work in close collaboration with experts in natural nutritional supplements, as well as with therapists whose specialties provide our clients with supplements to achieve the perfect balance!
We develop methods and natural care products to improve the body's response to digestive disorders, the slowing down of the basic metabolism and its difficulty in adapting to daily life, as well as the decline in vitality.
Our ambition is to set up your natural care program as a way of life, in order to restore the balance of your body, your diet and your lifestyle in a definitive way.



Our team

Our reflection comes from different horizons and specialties that complement each other to bring out the best reflection on the natural mechanisms of the body and well-being, nutritionists, hygienists, therapists, naturopaths, sports coaches.

Our therapists are specialized in natural health sciences, Nutritherapy, or in personal development as life coaches. We also work in close collaboration with coaches specialized in slimming and fitness to create sports and wellness programs adapted to each person, in order to help you achieve

  • A balanced weight
  • A muscular reinforcement
  • A stable and adequate eating habits
  • A sustained vitality
  • A clearer mind
  • A general well-being

Our method of care:

We help you reach your ideal weight and maintain a state of well-being over time

More and more people want to strengthen their metabolism and turn to a more natural approach to well-being. This is why our office offers its support. We have developed weekly and monthly treatment programs that promote the natural mechanisms of slimming. Our treatments and solutions also aim to stimulate weight loss, the process of cleansing and cellular renewal which, when deregulated, can lead to numerous disorders and uncontrolled weight gain.

Our goal is to help you improve your general condition for a better form in the long term, thanks to a natural care therapy and a customized support.
To do this, we have developed a natural care program that helps your body find its balance and stimulates weight loss and drainage while respecting the physiological rhythms of each person.

In a preventive or therapeutic approach, we bring you the necessary solutions and support towards the path of balance and well-being.
Our role is to provide you with a key response to your desire to improve your general state of health and to learn to trust the body's natural mechanisms in order to regain balance, slimness and fitness. Our programs are based on weekly and monthly treatments, and natural and organic products, to easily reach your goals.
For maximum comfort, efficiency and time saving, we have set up therapies and care by video in addition to the consultations in office, which carry the adhesion of our customers eager to reach the care at any time, where they are.
We offer treatment methods over several days and, if necessary, over several weeks. For optimal results, it is important to give yourself time to acquire new healthy lifestyle reflexes. Our personalized accompaniment in your daily life is there to support you and help you reach your new life goals.


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Our office

We have taken great care in designing this site for the well-being and comfort of our clients who choose to visit us.
Because offering you a universe where the beauty of nature blossoms in every season is a plus in the health journey you make with us and the care therapy.

Our office is located in Les Longueraies, at the edge of the Suisse Normande, bordered by forest and rivers.
This site is designed to provide you with a welcoming and soothing environment, allowing you to experience an unforgettable journey and treatment programs.

We welcome you for a half-day program, a stay for well-being, or a seminar on a theme chosen and voted by our members.




We put at your disposal :
- A health course
- Areas by the river for outdoor exercise
- An office equipped for consultations and private sales of natural care products
- « Table d'hôtes » on reservation for "balance and health" menus

Our only wish is to bring you a real boost that motivates you for a soft and deep change of your habits and rhythm of life that undeniably gives you a feeling of renewal, of well-being in your approach to full health.