Our support

We are pleased to provide you with an 8-week slimming program, the ideal time to start the slimming process, for fitness and well-being.

You trigger your "Slimming Mecanic" thanks to a complete cure : drainage, detox, fitness, weight loss, stabilization phase.

You take new habits by following a personalized protocol, you find your ideal weight, you stabilize your achievements.

Slimming Mecanic is your slimming coach for :

  • A natural slimming program
  • A therapy through nutrition
  • Advice on well-being with solutions adapted to your problem, simple and innovative
  • A personalized planning, you adopt the program and the rhythm that suits you best
  • Menus for a detailed daily diet program
  • A fitness program
  • A careful selection of slimming and beauty products and nutritional supplements to support and boost your results
  • An anti-cellulite massage program to apply daily at home


Your benefits

  • Weight loss to reach your ideal weight
  • Nutritional balance
  • A more harmonious body
  • Care products with immediate effect
  • Better response of your metabolism to stress and fatigue
  • Increase in the body's basic functions
  •  Improvements in natural drainage and elimination functions
  • Return to physical activity and sports performance

Every week, you will enjoy a new episode of Slimming Mecanic

For the pleasure of eating and staying slim, for the pleasure of benefiting from the best cosmetic treatments and maximizing their effect.

For the pleasure of benefiting from the best nutritional supplements and supporting drainage, for the pleasure of feeling better thanks to elimination & detox

You follow our slimming tips live, the advice of our coaches to lose weight and not regain it and to get back into shape.

Our clients testify and motivate you to continue your cure, adopt your program in its entirety and appreciate the results.