Our method

Our Slimming Mecanic program

Now that you have experienced change through our Ebook (ref Kindle), you can strengthen and intensify your approach through our firm, https://conseils-nutrition-minceur-61.fr.

First, let's review your goal.
If you want to adopt a healthy diet that will allow you to lose weight, improve your general condition, get back in shape, but also and above all, stabilize your ideal weight, the Slimming Mecanic method is your partner in slimming for a lifetime of success.
We will not only lead you on the path to balance and slimness, but even better, on the path to personal development.

We develop a personalized treatment method in several steps after having measured and evaluated your needs and objectives.

To do this, the first step is to write a nutrition questionnaire with you.

We will then be able to target the behaviors responsible for the current state as well as the symptoms that have caused you to react.

We will analyze together :

  • Your desire to eat without feeling hungry
  • Your compulsive reflexes
  • Your need to "fill yourself up" and "fill your empty feeling
  • Your moments of stress
  • Your feelings of hunger
  • Your "Need to gain strength" due to a feeling of weakness
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Need to cover chronic stress due to a difficult course
  • High challenges

We will then have mapped your eating habits together.

This first step is crucial and allows us to outline the care and nutritional program that we will propose.

This is when we start the second step.

At this stage, we take a picture of your nutritional preferences together:

  • Your predilections
  • Your reflexes when you go shopping
  • Your most common menus
  • The number and time of your daily meals
  • The essentials that you forget
  • The ratio of raw vegetables in your menus
  • The number of varieties on your plate and per day

 In the third step, we develop your Slimming Mecanic slimming & balance nutrition program so that the slimming mechanism does not stop:

  • Boost your body's basic functions
  • Improve and protect your immune system
  • Decline your daily rate of nutritional intake, as well as your personalized menus, vitamins, nutrients and trace elements to improve the vital functions of your body
  • Drain, detoxify and cleanse your body at a regular rate

Now, we are you and we are sufficiently armed to maintain your ideal weight in the long run.

But, let's not leave each other like that, because our role is to both increase and stabilize the chances of success:

We implement the SWOT tool / Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats

In order to analyze :

  • The main positive factors that will contribute to the stabilization of your results obtained during the treatment
  • The main factors that could compromise the stabilization phase of the Slimming Mecanic program
  • The main positive factors in your environment
  • The main factors in your environment that may compromise the stabilization phase


We offer you your Ebook so that you have a real roadmap of healthy nutrition that leads you to full fitness, well-being and balance.
This analysis strategy allows us to lead our clients to change in order to increase the chances of success.

The Slimming Mecanic method leaves no alternative but success for a better life.

Slimming Mecanic, to reach the best version of you
"Captures, limits, burns and drains".
Visible results in 8 weeks and a follow-up for one year