Harmonie Secret’

Harmonie Secret’ - Secret Harmony

Slimming Mecanic - Step I

Harmonie came to our office with no specific plan, no big ideas, no unusual expectations, no desire for radical change, no unreasonable dreams of performance.
Harmonie approached our therapists for "just some information" she said.

"Can you really lose weight or keep a healthy weight when, like me, you are over 45 years old and have had three children who have changed your whole life, your rhythm, your priorities and your choices?

Is it really possible to completely redo your look without going through major means, such as an operation, liposuction, or a drastic diet that will leave me with nothing but lack and deprivation?
Can you really manage this kind of thing in your practice with results?
And if there is a change, at what price, for how long, for what sacrifice, for what disruption for my entourage?
And my family, they will not understand anything, they will wonder what has bitten me, they will believe that I am becoming selfish, that I am only interested in myself.
The only time I have for myself is in the evening, after dinner and before the movie, and even I don't always manage to use this time as I want.
I have to please my husband, I have to answer my mother's phone, I have to help my son with his late math. I also have to get everything ready for breakfast so that the kids, or us, won't be late for work the next day!

So what are your methods? Do you think I have the time to change, to stop snacking when I'm stressed, to stop eating everything I can get my hands on when I don't have time, to stop chewing quickly to save time, to stop getting out of the shower without doing my palpate-roll or my face massage, to stop sleeping without drinking a detox tea? Do you think I have the time? Is my life not a movie?

But by the way, do you manage to deal with people's stress? Do you manage to help them improve?
And me, you've seen that I'm at least 20 kg overweight!
You have seen that I swim in my clothes to hide the bulges!
You've seen that I'm overloaded with stress! I have red patches on my face, have you seen my patches?
Do you think it's enough for me to tell my story to trigger a positive reaction?

We listened carefully to Harmony.
Harmony speaks quickly, sometimes she doesn't take the time to finish her sentences, often one idea calls for another, one emotion calls for another, one fear calls for another.
Harmonie has forgotten to wait for us to answer her questions.

For her, the distance that separates her from the possibility of a cure to regain her look, her shape and her health, is enormous and insurmountable. Why then should she wait for an answer from us or take the time to listen to her?
It was the first session with Harmonie, only 30 minutes for a summary of a whole life.
Harmonie gets up and prepares to leave, thanking us for listening to her, when suddenly a coach says "Would you like to take ten minutes for yourself?

Secret Harmony

Slimming Mecanic - Step II

"Ten minutes just for you!

Harmonie remained unresponsive for a short time, but it was like a change in her in a few moments.

"Now, time for me, just for me!"

Her natural ability to adapt, her intelligence and alertness took over. Her face relaxed. Harmonie sketched a smile and sat down with a few stammered words, "So, I'm listening!"

These are the most important moments, in which Harmonie agrees to question what is possible for her.

Harmony has taken an active approach to counseling. Can she imagine that a 45 year old woman, moreover, a mother of three children, who works in a demanding environment, leading her married life, her professional life and her role as a mother, can afford the time and the means to lose weight, take care of her body, take care of her skin, rejuvenate, boost her organism and increase her health capital.

Harmonie, although overwhelmed by her daily workload, can follow a complete program for slimming, getting back into shape, wellness, and fighting the chronic fatigue that makes her daily life more difficult.

Our role at this stage of the therapy is to give Harmonie the impetus to open the window she has long since closed.

So without setting goals during the first few sessions, our coaches work on getting our client into mental and emotional shape.

During two sessions, Harmonie details her difficulties:

We can find the stigma of modern life for everyone, we can find the balance sheet of everyone during the most demanding phases of our lives, during which fighting on all fronts of life is not an option.

Back in therapy, Harmonie managed to put words to her malaise, to identify her disorders, her symptoms, to make her own diagnosis and to realize that the excess weight she suffers from is a symptom among others, not a pathology.
Weight gain is rarely observed without the following manifestations

  • Permanent stress
  • Sleep disorders
  • Digestive problems
  • A bloated belly
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability
  • Feeling of fatigue at the slightest effort
  • Eating disorders
  • Compulsive snacking

Harmonie manages to identify all her problems and to feel the need to act.

She says this sentence at the end of the session

"Today, I have decided, everything will change!

Secret Harmony

Slimming Mecanic - Step III

Harmonie has now become aware of her potential, her strengths, her ability to act, her desire to change.

It is her view of her personal journey, of the significant events in her life, of her way of looking at the present, of her view of the future, of her relationship with her past, of her relationship with others and of her view of herself, that have triggered my Slimming Mecanic, and the mechanics do not stop.

Harmonie took the time to do an introspective with us and in our presence:

  • The most striking points of her health journey
  • The type of pathologies she has developed and the manifestation of her symptoms
  • Her personal and professional background
  • Her environment
  • Her resistance, her obstacles, her dilemmas, her barriers to following a health cure
  • Her hopes, her struggles, her renunciations as soon as she regains confidence
  • Her perception of herself and her environment

We give Harmonie her detailed diagnosis as well as a booklet containing the essential rules allowing her to acquire :

  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Methods to increase her basic metabolism
  • Reflexes to boost elimination and detox
  • Gestures to improve the general condition of the body
  • Essential anti-cellulite treatments
  • New reflexes to improve digestion, concentration and sleep
  • Methods to increase muscle mass





Secret Harmony

Slimming Mecanic - Step IV


Nutrition program & targeted menus

Trigger the 3 essential phases of the Slimming Mecanic

  • Abandon the food reflexes responsible for weight gain
  • Integrate good food interactions, herbal teas and teas into your menus to boost drainage
  • Introduce daily gestures and reflexes to improve digestion
  • Introduce daily gestures and exercises to awaken the body, for 5 minutes several times a day

Secret Harmony

Slimming Mecanic - Step V

Crash test, stress and homeostasis

Our evaluation system to test Harmonie's resistance to disturbances that may be imposed on her by her environment, has been a real springboard for our client to achieve her many challenges:

  1. Boosting the regulation process by which the organism maintains the different constants of the internal environment (the body fluids or the lymphatic system) within the limits of normal values.
  2. Evaluation of the new characteristics thanks to which Harmony manages to resist changes or disturbances while maintaining its state of balance
  3. Evaluation of Harmony's ability to maintain its functional balance despite external constraints

Treatment of cellulite & slimming for an internal and external effect

Beauty and anti-cellulite program

Harmonie has given primary importance to this beauty and anti-cellulite stage in order to resolve

  • The clogging of the lymphatic channels
  • Obstruction of the emunctory drainage
  • Lymphatic edema

Her objective being both therapeutic and aesthetic, we were able to appreciate the involvement of our client to acquire the key anti-cellulite gestures.


Our method :

  • Pressures and circular movements intended to stimulate the movement of the lymphatic vessels to unclog the tissues. Our objective is to also act on the lymph nodes by increasing their production of lymphocytes
  • Capture of toxins to stimulate their resorption and evacuation
  • Selection of anti-cellulite creams for external use & nutritional supplements that have been fully proven

These combined methods unclog tissues, activate lymph circulation and direct it to the lymph nodes in an efficient manner.

Harmonie's skin is smooth and satiny.


Harmonie Secret

Slimming Mecanic - Step VI

Our beauty program
Harmonie has created her own beauty workshop
Choosing a corner of your home dedicated to beauty care is a further step towards daily well- being
Because it is indeed the daily gestures that bring a net improvement to each part of the body and that allow it to regenerate
At the beginning, and before following our 8-week program, Harmonie was reluctant to the
idea of giving herself time every day for cocooning Nevertheless, she found the idea attractive and decided to follow the modules dedicated to the theme of daily care at home
The Slimming Mecanic home care workshop program includes modules dedicated to face and body care without a salon, so that the mechanics of beauty no longer stop
Our Slimming Mecanic Beauty program


Exercises - Video & Weekly Schedule

  • Facial gymnastics
  • Face and neck massage
  • Anti-wrinkle facials
  • Belly massage
  • Palper rouler & fat targeting
  • Body and face scrub before showering
  • Mask and hair care
  • Hydration and skin care
  • Make-up workshop
  • Homemade recipes

Our homemade ingredients, the essentials
The 3 clays, Honey, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan oil, Castor oil, Prickly pear oil, Lime, Aloe Vera Gel, Red fruits, Bicarbonate, Coffee grounds, Green & black tea


We offer you a weekly home care schedule, the best natural, artisanal & handmade products, the best combinations to boost the virtues and effects of your treatments.
Daily rejuvenating, draining and detoxifying gestures, the daily anti-cellulite gestures, daily gestures for a flat stomach



Harmonie Secret

Slimming Mecanic - Step VII

The Slimming Mecanic for a new lifestyle