You notice cellulite on your thighs, arms, hips, buttocks?
You have tried everything to fight cellulite and persistent fat?
Do you get discouraged with each treatment?
What if we started by understanding "what is cellulite?
Why does our body choose this visible and unsightly storage mode?
Is cellulite only an aesthetic problem or is it a health problem?
First of all, and this is a certainty:
Cellulite is the result of a circulatory, hormonal and especially metabolic problem, so it escapes the systematic hereditary allegation.

Recognizing that cellulite is of metabolic origin is already half the battle against it. Because, if cellulite is metabolic, it is indeed a defect of emunctory and elimination from which it results.
So, we have to go on the trail of a slow metabolism and a defect of elimination to fight the cause and fix the problem definitively.
Let's start by talking about lifestyle, which may be the first factor to be addressed before tackling the fatty areas.
The sedentary state to which our modern life invites us, the hours we spend sitting at the office, in front of our computer, in front of the TV, during endless meals, are the first factors of slowing down the metabolism.
Cellulite is no longer a matter of aesthetic concern only, it becomes a health concern. We understand the need to modify the factors of our environment to get rid of this scourge!


But then, what is cellulite and why does our body choose to store fat cells just under the skin, thighs, buttocks, hips, arms and just under our eyes!
By the appearance of cellulite, we understand that the fat is combined with water retention of circulatory origin which, once deposited outside the vital organs, generates the orange peel appearance that bothers us!
So, what should we think?
Is the body looking for a comfort solution, the least dangerous way to store waste?
The answer is yes, this is exactly what our body does to protect the rest of the organs from inflammation. Because yes, cellulite is painful and inflammatory.
Based on the rate of cellulite deposition, we can assess our body's ability to rid itself of waste, the rate of hindrance and the overall inflammatory state of the body.


We can then focus on our environment and lifestyle as an effective first step in targeting and fighting cellulite over time while improving the body's performance in performing essential tasks such as elimination and drainage.
We have summarized here the first part of our anti-cellulite protocol, a highly effective model that takes into account both aesthetic and health constraints.

  • Nutritional program adapted to each metabolism
  • Methods to increase basal metabolic rate
  • Cure to improve sleep quality
  • Cure to improve digestion
  • A daily program to fight sedentary lifestyle, which takes only 30 minutes of your time
  • Program to improve circulation, drainage and detox
  • Objective weight loss and return to your ideal weight if necessary


The second step of our treatment is to target fatty areas to reduce and eliminate them, thanks to natural methods, daily gestures to be done at home, exercises to be practiced during different times of the day and which take you only 5 minutes each time.
The results are breathtaking! Your benefits:

  • Improvement of your general condition
  • Gradual return to fitness
  • Progressive return to general balance
  • A more appropriate response of your body to fatigue and stress
  • Progressive reduction of cellulite and orange peel skin
  • Return to fitness and the desire to move by appreciating the change as a key factor in regaining the joy of living, going out, sharing and blossoming!


But then, can we fight persistent cellulite, which has been stagnating for years, without resorting to surgical and painful means such as liposuction.
It is important to remember that the first results of each surgical procedure are rarely visible before 6 months. Therefore, the surgical solution should be discarded in order to save time.
Moreover, the surgical solution, without making changes to your habits and your daily environment, is bound to fail.
Cellulite is sure to return with the risk of aggravating the symptoms.
It is true that cosmetic surgery offers other less radical, less expensive and less dangerous solutions:
Anti-fat injections and local ultra-sound or laser treatments to activate the circulation. The effects are visible after 2 to 6 months.
But I remain on my line of natural cures that show their effectiveness every day over time, while remaining respectful of each person's body.

What can I do at home?
For an at-home treatment, we train our clients to let them take charge on a daily basis, because the most effective way to fight cellulite is through daily gestures.
We provide you with a booklet that contains a methodology to target the 3 parameters of cellulite: fatty deposits, circulatory edema and fibrosis.

The main lines of our protocol
We train our clients in the daily gestures to directly attack fat with low mechanical resistance.
In addition, we select active ingredients for a drainage cure, in the form of highly effective nutritional supplements, to prevent the storage of fat.

The essence of our treatment
We train our clients in the daily gestures to directly attack fat with low mechanical resistance.

  • Manual massage, which allows targeting of fatty areas
  • A palpate and roll program to be applied every day, 20 minutes after the shower
  • Slimming mecanic" program: running or fast walking, alternating running and walking for 30 minutes daily, HI exercise for 5 minutes several times a day.
  • Integrate green tea into daily eating habits
  • Integrate nightly herbal teas for drainage and detox
  • Adapt new eating habits
  • Rearrange eating times and daily abstinence times
  • Favour different postures during rest
  • Introduce the cold water jet on the stomach and thighs
  • Introduce the daily massage following the training we provide in our office


The " Slimming mecanic " is a personalized, effective, tailor-made program

that changes everything, even you!