The Slimming Mecanic is now « your life style »

The Slimming Mecanic is a turbo pack
Advice + program + menu + products".

Captures, limits, burns and drains

Visible results in 8 weeks!

The Slimming Mecanic is now "your life style

With us, you trigger the Slimming Mecanic, and the mechanism does not stop anymore to boost definitively :

Slimming, drainage, detoxification, weight loss, collagen, hyaluronic acid, drainage, muscle building, muscle strengthening, the virtues of plants, herbal teas and teas, the effects of food supplements.

The Slimming Mecanic is your way of life, your desire to stay young, your desire to get better and to find form, well-being and beauty.
The Slimming Mecanic is above all training and learning in all areas of care with the aim of transferring skills so that the know-how is in your hands, so that our know-how is yours.

The Slimming Mecanic is not only a program of care and slimming, but also and above all, the art of setting yourself the greatest challenges and achieving them, at the heart of a program whose objective is to select for you:

  • The best treatments against cellulite
  • The best sports to get rid of it
  • The best recipes to eat well
  • The best reflexes to support the essential functions of your body
  • The best food interactions to boost the benefits
  • The best daily gestures to accompany your slimming program
  • The best health and beauty tips
  • The best reflexes to sleep better

It's also your rise to power so that nothing seems insurmountable anymore:

  • A weight gain
  • A crisis in your relationship
  • A professional difficulty
  • An overload of work
  • A challenge to accomplish
  • A sporting event
  • A contest or an exam
  • A pathology

The mechanics are set in motion to bring together, in the same time slot

- The best food interactions

  • The best interactions between plants and herbal teas
  • The best creams and ingredients for care and beauty

Our methods are the result of our clients' success stories.

We provide the impetus, you take action, and the greatest things happen naturally!

The Slimming Mecanic, this is your greatest adventure with us.

For the most beautiful version of you!